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Optional supplemental readings for each session

Papers on accessibility, diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion



Read. Listen. Discuss. Change

  • GeoreadingForEquity is a group of Geoscience graduate students, faculty, and researchers spanning multiple institutions who are passionate about improving equity and access in our field. Geoscientists read all the time for science, so why not read to educate ourselves about equity, they say? So often we predominantly ask the underrepresented groups in our communities to do the work of educating us, yet we educate ourselves and each other all the time in a range of topics related to our disciplines.

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  • The GeoreadingForEquity website is intended to reduce redundancy by compiling resources we often share and be a repository of material including 1) the background of inequity in STEM higher ed, 2) particular Geoscience/Earth Science equity issues, and 3) strategies and resources for facilitating hard conversations. At this time, we hope you will add to the libraries and use these ideas to start conversations within your communities.

More papers

  • Find a compilation of papers by GeoreadingForEquity at the link below. Please add your reading to the tracking spreadsheet if you upload something new!

Readings compiled by GeoreadingForEquity group


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