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Refinement Curriculum

Three modules focussed on improving exisiting anti-racist policies


Refinement is the time for pods to dig deeper into and collaborate to improve their anti-racist policies and resources. During refinement, URGE will:

  • Provide additional training on discussing racism in small groups
  • Provide additional resources to help pods refine their policies and resources
  • Ask pods to break into podlet focus groups that work separately on a single policy or resource
  • Host one URGE-wide live event per month for networking and sharing among participants

URGE will begin this final stage of Refinement by hosting a live session where one or more experts train participants on effective methods for discussing racism within their workplaces, navigating difficult conversations, and communicating with colleagues who may be hesitant to adopt or use anti-racist policies. We will then task participants with refining their policies and resources. The URGE team will provide additional journal articles (and reading guides) related to each policy and resource. We will encourage pod members also to explore additional, non-URGE-provided social science literature and provide a webspace for pods to share these papers with the entire URGE community.

URGE will provide multiple ways for pod members to connect. We suggest that pods break into podlets (of at least 2-3 individuals) that each work on one policy or resource. Alongside this, we will host once-per-month URGE-wide live events to provide virtual spaces for participants from similar workplaces to discuss additional readings, policies, resources, progress to date, and potential barriers and solutions to the drafting, implementing, and assessing anti-racist policies and resources. We also create an online forum on our website and a Slack Channel, thus providing more flexible ways for participants to collaborate.

You may find the refinement curriculum summary here.

Refining Conversations

June to July 2023

Breaking Barriers, Amplifying Voices: Transforming Geoscience Through Refined Conversations.

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Refining Relationships

August 2023

Building Bridges for a Diverse and Inclusive Geoscience Community: Refining Relationships for a Sustainable Future.

Curriculum Page Coming Soon

Refining Policies

Sept to Dec 2023

Shaping a Just Future: Empowering Change through Policy Refinement in Geoscience.

Curriculum Page Coming Soon

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