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Pod Leader: Natasha Miles, Amber Decosmo, Eugene Clothiaux
Pod Leader Email:,,
The Pennsylvania State University


Pod deliverables will be posted below after they become available at the end of each session.

Session 1: Racism and Definitions

Session 2: Racism and History

Session 3: Racism and Individuals

Session 4: Racism and Justice

Session 5: Racism and Accessibility

Session 6: Racism and Inclusivity

Session 7: Racism and Self Care

Session 8: Racism and Accountability

Pod Members

  • Bowley, Kevin
  • Carstens, Jacob
  • Cartledge, Chaunce
  • Comer, Lyn
  • Davis, Kenneth
  • Evans, Jenni
  • Jenkins, Jena
  • Gervais, Melissa
  • Herrmann, Maria
  • Lee, Sukyoung
  • Lydick, Rob
  • Markowski, Paul
  • Murphy, Sam
  • Najjar, Ray
  • Nese, Jon
  • Rather, Myah
  • Richardson, Yvette
  • Spychalla, Lydia
  • Stensrud, Dave
  • Thayer, Aidan
  • Wesloh, Daniel

Pod Agreeement and Photo

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  • A pod photo (screenshot of zoom meeting) will be submitted and on the website by the end of session two.
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