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Pod Leader: Holly Barnard
Pod Leader Email:
University of Colorado - Boulder


Pod deliverables will be posted below after they become available at the end of each session.

Session 1: Racism and Definitions

Session 2: Racism and History

Session 3: Racism and Individuals

Session 4: Racism and Justice

Session 5: Racism and Accessibility

Session 6: Racism and Inclusivity

Session 7: Racism and Self Care

Session 8: Racism and Accountability

Pod Members

  • Barnard, Holly
  • Gooseff, Michael
  • Adams, Hallie
  • Bush, Sidney
  • Burns, Ethan
  • Blaskey, Dylan
  • Welch, Kathy
  • Singley, Joel
  • Wright, Anna
  • Torrens, Christa
  • Digiorno, Margaret

Pod Agreeement and Photo

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