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Pod Leader: Molly Peek
Pod Leader Email:
Juneau Icefield Research Program
  • Juneau Icefield Research Program


Pod deliverables will be posted below after they become available at the end of each session.

Session 1: Racism and Definitions

Session 2: Racism and History

Session 3: Racism and Individuals

Session 4: Racism and Justice

Session 5: Racism and Accessibility

Session 6: Racism and Inclusivity

Session 7: Racism and Self Care

Session 8: Racism and Accountability

Pod Members

  • Peek, Molly
  • Chien, Annie
  • Leidman, Sasha
  • Case, Abby
  • Miller, Bertie
  • Borreggine, Marisa
  • Getraer, Alec
  • Mode, Hannah Perrine
  • Riverman, Kiya
  • Connor, Cathy
  • Che, Yueyi
  • Markle, Bradley
  • Ord, Annika
  • Hughes-Allen, Lara
  • Semnacher, Cézanna
  • Pope, Allen
  • Truax, Olivia
  • Koncewicz, Evan
  • Rand, Colby
  • Ach, Jay
  • Bellefontaine, Jacquelyn
  • Nelson, Joanna
  • Wall, Riley
  • Scott, Lakeram

Pod Agreeement and Photo

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