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Pod Example

Below, you will find an example of what the POD pages will look like. We will request a photo during the second session. The images and names below are purely for illustrative purposes.

WHOI logo

WHOI Summer Fellows POD

Pod Leader: Joshua Zahner
Pod Leader email:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution group photo

Pod Deliverables

Session 1: Racism and Definitions Expand Session 2: Racism and History Expand Session 3: Racism and Individuals Expand

Pod Members

  • Stone, John
  • Priya, Ponnappa
  • Wong, Mia
  • Stanbrige, Peter
  • Lee-Walsh, Natalie
  • Li, Ang
  • Ithya, Nguta
  • French, Tamzyn
  • Simoes, Salome
  • Virtue, Trevor
  • Campbell-Gillies,Tarryn
  • nderson, Eugenia
  • Kazantzis, John
  • Blair, Verona
  • Meldrum, Jackie
  • Smith, Maureen M
  • Burch, Desiree
  • Harry, Daly
  • Andrews, Hayman
  • Ellawala, Ruveni

Pod Agreement

  • This pod has made an agreement between pod members and the institutional leaderships (e.g., departmental chair and dean). This agreement sets up several meetings to discuss the policies designed during URGE and how the leadership can support these policies with financial and structural resources.┬áThe pod agreement can be seen here.


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