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Deliverable Submissions

Education is essential but action is also imperative for achieving the objectives of URGE. Each topic is paired with concrete deliverables for pods to develop, draft, and share. The deliverables are policies that the pod designs based on information from the readings and interviews with the experts. A list of deliverables is posted here, and more information about each deliverable will be posted on each session’s page. Pods are expected to provide all deliverables.

Pods should treat these deliverables as first-drafts that they will later refine after seeing the drafts and ideas of other groups and engaging in online discussions of the deliverables. We suggest that pods take their draft deliverables and develop them into final drafts over the summer, followed by having meetings with university or organization leadership in early fall. We will provide a place for pods to post their final drafts on the URGE website. Deliverables are due Fridays at midnight ET.

Download deliverable deadline schedule here.

Please name files with the following convention:  “podname-institution-deliverablename-session#”. Please upload only .pdf files. All deliverables are due Friday at midnight EST, a week after the 2-week period of each session ends.

Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 100 MB.
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